Frequently Asked Questions

1. What file formats do you offer?
I offer WAV and MP3 Form.
2. How much are custom beats?
Prices for custom beats can vary based on the project and time frame needed to get beat done, prices usually start at $100.00
3. Do you offer music services?
Yes I offer mixing and mastering services as well as custom beats.

4. Can you make changes to the beat for me?

For custom beats, yes I can make up to three changes for you free of charge, after that it will be a $10.00 edit fee per edit


5. What does the Exclusive license allow me to do?

Exclusive license allows you to use the beat without any monthly recurring fees, also grants you the right to use the beat on unlimited projects with unlimited distribution as well.


6. How long are your beats?

My beat lengths vary according if the verse part is 12 bars or 16 bars, but they are usually between 2-5 minutes long.


7. What is Beat Leasing? 

Beat “Leasing” is the act of letting another entity (usually artists or business) use a beat produced by an producer in their music or video project, and distribute and monetize it under their name. The terms of the Lease can vary as far as length and financial structure. One of the most common variables is whether the agreement is exclusive or none exclusive.